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We (SKY-SCRAPER) Architect since 2008 practicing in Amritsar (PUNJAB) INDIA . We design so many residential or commercial project in BUDJET in Punjab or other State of India Like Haryana, Dehli or West Bengal etc.Our Main Moto is to creat  economical house/ project that is close to nature

or like to be construct green building concept.

Anju Bhatia
Architect Asst.
Amit Kumar
D-Arch. Engg.

Architect Anju Bhatia - Email:-

Ar Anju bhatia, holds on B-Arch from Indian Institute of Architect Mumbai 2013, also hold the Asst. Diploma in Archietct 2002.In his 16 year of practice, Ar. Anju Bhatia has designed many Institutional, Industerial, Campus Project, and Residential Project.

Architect Asst. Amit Kumar - Emai:-

Amit Kumar holds on Dip in Architectural Engg. Amit Kumar assist many big

Architects in  Commercial, campus Project, Industerial, Institutonal projects.

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